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Sept 29: Ocean Data for Ocean Health

We invite you to online conference Ocean Data for Ocean Health - Sustainability and innovation in the blue economy on the 29th September, 2020.

Let's take a deep dive for ocean data to accelerate sustainability and innovation in the blue economy. The global ocean economy is predicted by OECD to reach USD 3 trillion by 2030. Ocean health is critical for the global economy, food security and to reach the UN 2030 goals - yet we know so little. 80% of our ocean is unmapped, unobserved and unexplored, and 90% of ocean species yet to be classified. How can ocean data help us predict, engage, and move towards a more sustainable society?

Conference: Official Trailer Ocean Data For Ocean Health (1:05) >>

For this conference we have handpicked expert in the field of ocean data and technology and will give you an up-date of the skills and data available in Sweden today.

The conference is co-funded by Region Västra Götaland and organized by the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden in collaboration with Ocean Data Factory Sweden, SCOOT and SMTF.

Date: September 29, 2020
Venue: Webinar
: Sign up already today, but no later than September 27. The conference will be held in English. No conference fee.

Registration link >>

Programme >>

Who should participate?

This conference is aimed at tech companies that are looking to expand their businesses into new sectors. We also welcome scientist who are looking for new technology and data, and public sector representatives that want to learn more about the possibilities of ocean technology & data to solve ocean management issues. We hope that this conference will result in new blue business models and a transfer of technology from land to sea as well as new insights to handle the ocean’s extreme environment.

Call for Speakers
- be part of the Ocean Data Conference

We are looking for passionate and talented speakers to Sweden's first Ocean Data Conference. The content of your presentation should apply to technologies that can be useful in maritime businesses and ocean health and be presented in a non-commercial way. We encourage talks focusing on, but not exclusively, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Data Communication, Data Distribution, Genom Technology, Sensor Technology, Communication Solutions, Energy and Electrification, High Endurance Solutions, Digital Twins, Autonomy and Image Processing.

Challenge us with innovative and surprising ideas!

The submittion of speaker proposal is now closed >>



The conference is co-funded by Region Västra Götaland and organized by the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden in collaboration with


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