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Rhian Waller shares in-depth knowledge of cold-water corals

Rhian Waller is a MoRE2020 fellow that started her project in January 2019. The project is a collaboration between the University of Gothenburg and University of Maine, USA. Presenting this new collaboration, the University of Maine wrote an article to tell more about the project and the experience that comes with moving to Sweden.

In the article "In Sweden, Waller shares in-depth knowledge of cold-water corals" written by Beth Staples, University of Maine, Waller says: “Usually I work with preserved samples in jars. Here, I get to work with live corals and do experiments I could only dream of with most deep-sea species.”

The project is examining whether the corals are affected by higher ocean temperature and lowered salinity (due to more freshwater runoff) in order to create an understanding for how climate change could affect the corals. The article from University of Maine describes the reserach area as well as the challenges and the experience that comes with bringing the whole family along for a one-year project abroad.


Read the full article here! 

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