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Maritime Spatial Planning for blue growth

Final technical study on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) for blue growth is published. Read more and download the report here.

The relation between MSP and Blue Growth is multi-faceted and not yet fully explored. Of course, MSP aims to reduce or avoid conflicts between a variety of economic and noneconomic functions. But it is also a tool to identify and give the suitable room to new and changing spatial uses. MSP may be used to open new economic potentials by fostering synergies between different uses. Against this background, this report aims to provide information on how MSP can help Member States deliver sustainable growth for their maritime economies. It provides Member States with practical guidance in three distinct aspects of MSP: 1) How to develop a vision for maritime space that can be effectively used in MSP? 2) What kind of future trends impact on sector development and how do they influence the MSP process? 3) How can MSP authorities monitor whether they are on the right track with their MSP objectives? These three distinct aspects were developed as stand-alone documents. In addition, this report lays out the connections between them and some general findings.

Download the report here >>

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