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Blue Economy In South Africa & Sweden – Sept 14

The South African Embassy, South African Department of Trade and Industry in partnership with the Swedish-Southern African Chamber of Commerce (SSACC) and Swedocean welcome you to a business seminar to facilitate interaction between the Swedish and South African businesses in the Blue Economy

Location: Göteborg, Svenska Sjöräddningssällskapet
Date: 14th September 2017 (15th September Study Visit for SA Delegation)

The aim of the seminar is to bring together the South African and Swedish companies, key-players and stakeholders in the field of the blue economy to explore partnerships, networking, technology transfer, knowledge sharing and benchmarking.

Furthermore, to allow small and big corporations from both countries in the specific sectors of the blue economy such as marine transport, marine protection services, aquaculture and offshore oil & gas exploration to engage each other with the objective of identifying opportunities and possible areas of collaborations.

Key Note Speakers: Dean Hoff, Director DTI; Rep TBC, Executive Transnet; Fulu Mphuthi, MD 5Walls; Lennart Fougelberg, President Swedocean; Johan Trouvé, MD West Sweden Chamber of Commerce; Rep TBC, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management; South Africa Oil & Gas Association, Niall Kramer; ABB rep TBC

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