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To address the ongoing rapid development in marine biotechnology that relates to health, a symposium on "Marine biotechnology - marine products for health" will be arranged. The intention is that this would be a first set in a series of annual meetups on marine biotechnology, providing a connection hub for academia and industry.

Marine Biotechnology - marine products for health

Date: September 19, 2019
Place: Wallenberg conference center (Medical Hill; Gothenburg)
Registration: Closed

The symposium is hosted by the the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden with extra effort and funding from Region Västra Götaland (VGR) and Centre for Sea and Society at the University of Gothenburg.

The aim is to bring together actors with an interest in marine biotechnology and health in the region, as well as in the rest of Sweden, and to catalyse collaborations. The symposium programme includes invited keynote speakers as well as talks given by local representatives from academia and companies. There will also be allocated times for interactions and meetings. The day ends with a panel discussion about future development and initiatives for fostering the connection between marine biotechnology and health.

See programme >>

Speed talks
There will be an opportunity for companies and researchers to present their activities in short presentations - “speed talks”. In case many participants register for speed-talks we will make a selection. The earlier you register the better your chances to talk. A priority will be given to companies that want to present. A first selection will be made on Friday 23 August - those accepted will show up as part of the programme.

Most welcome !

Ambassadors for Marine Biotechnology within the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden

Johan Svenson, RISE
Anders Blomberg, University of Gothenburg

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