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30 Jan: Time to Reflect on a Chemical-Safe World


Open seminar: Jan 30 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Zoologihuset, Medicinaregatan 18 A, Göteborg
To be confirmed
Organizer: Centre for Future Chemical Risk Assessment and Management Strategies (FRAM) at the University of Gothenburg

Chemicals and their exogenous and endogenous reactions and interactions form the base of all life on earth. In the Anthropocene era, i.e. the most recent 150 years, manmade chemicals have been created, refined from natural sources in millions or unintentionally formed through abiotic processes in uncountable numbers. The Anthropocene chemistry has had major impact on human life and the environment for the good and the bad. The hazards and risks due to exposures to chemicals, ubiquitously present in different combinations in the environment and in biota, are threatening life and interrupted sustainability of life.

The lecture will address chemicals in relation to the complex grid in which they play a role for development of sustainability. The presentation is related to the majority of the SDGs in which chemicals are of key importance.

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