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May 8: Meet ocean robots

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Meet ocean robots - Open house SCOOT May 8

 Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Venue: SMHI, Nya Varvet (Sven Källfelt's street 15), Gothenburg.
Host: SCOOT is a consortium consisting of University of Gothenburg, MMT Sweden AB and Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute.

In the current rapid transformation of ocean observations, SCOOT is the Swedish node and enabler. SCOOT focus on small and innovative companies in automation, sensor technology, communication and adjacent areas of ocean technology. We provide ocean expertise and infrastructure like ships, autonomous platforms, instruments, sensors, workshop, to researchers, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Curious about ocean observation technology? Welcome to visit us on  May 8.

SCOOT open house is part of #gbgtechweek and #EUinmyregion.



10 am – 4 pm, SMHI, Nya Varvet (Sven Källfelts gata 15), Gothenburg. Open workshop, demonstrations and presentations. Meet the experts and technicians, see the robots and the data they deliver. Come and discuss with us about how SCOOT can help you to realize your ideas.

10 am: SMHI workshop opens and stays open until 4 pm. Coffee and snack. Here work the SMHI technicians who make the Swedish marine environmental monitoring work!

10 am : Gathering time for those interested in going with MMT and M/S Askholmen to the archipelago to bottom surveying using ROV. Return around 2 pm. MMT offer light food package on board. Data from the survey will be live streamed to land and can be viewed in the workshop. 

11 am: What is SCOOT? Why was AUV Ran first with going under the doomsday glacier (and making it back!)? Presentation and questions in the workshop.

12 pm: Test a floating drifter – simple platforms giving a lot of information! We deploy a Carthe drifter in the harbour.

2 pm: Test ASV (autonomous surface/sailing vessel)  – extremely robust platform, which can carry many advaced sensors! We deploy SB Kringla (Sailbuoy) in the harbour.

3 pm: (For those who missed the morning.) What is SCOOT? Why was AUV Ran first under the doomsday glacier (and making it back!)? Presentation and questions in the workshop.

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