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May 7: Seminar Reducing plastic pollution

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Reducing plastic pollution
Welcome to the Kurt Grönfors Lecture 2019, May 7

Plastics are essential and ubiquitous materials in our daily lives and address numerous challenges in our society. They can save fuel, CO2 emissions, reduce energy consumption, enhance food safety and food waste, and new technology in 3D printing using bio-compatible plastic materials may even save human lives by enabling medical innovation. Still, plastic waste is an increasing problem and challenge, particularly to the marine environment where a lot of it ends up.

This year’s Kurt Grönfors Lecture includes speeches by Bethanie Carney Almroth, Joshua Abbott and Åsa Domeij that address the issue of plastic pollution from three different perspectives.

Full programme and registration

DAY & TIME: Tuesday, May 7, 13:15-16:15
VENUE: Room B32, Handelshögskolan, Vasagatan 1
REGISTER: by May 2 ->>

The Lecture is conducted in collaboration with Environment för Development, Centre for Sea and Society and Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment