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27-28 Nov: Hackathon - Increased efficiency and improved environment enabled by smart sensor networks


Explore and learn about new emerging technologies that are expected to revolutionize Internet of Things in the coming years. Join the Hackathon on how to utilize ocean data collected from smart sensor networks. The Hackathon will give you the opportunity to:
• learn about (currently little known) technologies that are expected to revolutionize IoT (Internet of Things) in the coming years
• create new ideas and discuss them with peers
• experiment with the technology in practice to demonstrate simple, new innovations/ideas
• bring new knowledge back to your company that can be turned into innovations

The Hackathon will cover both the LoRaWAN technology, and the Narrowband Internet of Things. Designed to wirelessly connect battery-powered ’things’ to the Internet in regional, national, or global networks, LoRaWAN® provides two-way communication, end-to-end security, mobility, and location services. NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a new communication technology that enables sensors to communicate via the existing 4G network and/or the new 5G. The sensors used are inexpensive in production and have a long battery life (up to ten years or more). This will make it possible to connect sensors and other ”things” to the Internet where it has not previously been profitable or practically feasible due to power and coverage challenges.

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