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4-5 Nov: BioMarine 2019 Portugal


BioMarine 2019 - The place where investment meets the blue economy

The 2019 edition of BioMarine Business Convention will be organized on the 4th and 5th of November, in Cascais Portugal.

The blue bioeconomy has climbed up the global, regional and national agendas in recent years, and there is increasing expectation as to its growth potential. A number of countries have launched programs to support bioeconomy, sometimes also “Green Growth, “Green economy” or just “Industrial Biotechnology”. By dynamically supporting an integrated approach, the new stream of the blue bioeconomy can foster and sustain the valuable contribution of oceans, seas and coasts to food security, nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and decent employment for future generations. Blue bioeconomy initiatives contribute significantly to the responsible and sustainable use of marine ecosystems, thus ensuring that countries can obtain the highest possible level of economic growth while conserving the natural resource base upon which that very growth depends.