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3 dec: Workshop on digitalization in the maritime industry

The ongoing technological transformation of the maritime industry has led to a decentralization of control, and as a result, fragmentation of work when tasks are distributed among several human and artificial actors in diverse locales and organizations. The aim of this workshop is to discuss the ongoing process of digitalization in the maritime industry and to explore the ways cooperation changes when work is distributed between humans and autonomous technologies.

Starting off with the Keynote presentation by Professor Jonas Ivarsson on the topic of trust in automation, the presentations that follow discuss digitalization in the maritime industry from a multitude of perspectives: from the configuration of algorithms to analyses of current work practices, towards sociotechnical imaginaries of what the future holds for the maritime industry.

The workshop is a collaboration between the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology and Department of Applied IT, University of Gothenburg and hosted by Olle Lindmark and Charlott Sellberg.

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