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22 June : Online seminar BANOS SRIA 2021

Online seminar for launching the Baltic and North Sea Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – BANOS SRIA 2021 – on 22 June 2021 at 10 am CEST

In this 1-hour morning session, short introductions by selection of SRIA authors will be given and viewpoints by some key end-users of knowledge and technological advances shared.

Register and join online to learn and ask questions from the panelists & session host. 

Please note that all parts of the BANOS SRIA (i.e. policy landscape, strategic objectives, implementation plan and impact enablers) have been prepared with the key aim of the future BANOS Programme in mind, as well as the forthcoming Partnership Candidate on Sustainable Climate Neutral and Productive Blue Economy under the new Horizon Europe framework programme, and it is to satisfy BANOS region’s knowledge needs for the coming decade and beyond.

The development of the BANOS SRIA is a process which means that it is also designed to be updated regularly to keep it responding to the realities we operate in.

The BANOS SRIA will be available online from the launch onwards at www.banoscsa.org/SRIA2021 >>

More information and register here >>

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