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Marine Biotechnology 2021

The oceans face many challenges, but at the same time, there are many opportunities for making better use of marine resources and contributing to sustainable development. We invite industry, research institutes and academia to join forces to come up with new ideas, solutions and products within marine biotechnology.

Join forces for future developments

Welcome to our workshop in Marine Biotechnology, May 11th and June 2nd. 

Marine Biotechnology has been the focus for two conferences, "Marine products for health" (2019) and Marine materials and Antifouling" (2020), arranged by the Maritime Cluster, Sea and Society and Kristineberg Center. To follow-up on the great interest of the conferences, we will now arrange a workshop in Marine Biotechnology  with interested parties from industry, research institutes and academia.

The aim of the workshop is to join forces to establish contacts between parts with overlapping interests, forming constellations that can work for future developments including applying for joint future funding. It should be stressed that the workshop is about development-projects, i.e. how products and ideas within Marine Biotechnology can be refined and improved in collaboration with others.

  • The workshop will consist of two half-day meetings (13:00 - 16:00) - May 11th and June 2nd.
  • This year it will be arranged as virtual/digital meetings.
  • We will focus on the topics "Health", "Marine materials" and "Antifouling".
  • The language will be English. 
  • Examples from European projects and national funding organisations will be presented.
  • Deadline for registration is the 3/5
  • Moderators will be Anders Blomberg, professor at Gothenburg University, anders.blomberg@cmb.gu.se and Mattias Berglin, researcher RISE, mattias.berglin@ri.se. Please contact any of them if you have questions or would like to get some more information.

Read more and sign up on the event site >>

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