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How to feed the world's growing population in a sustainable manner is a global challenge. Food from lakes and the sea, seafood/marine food, is both good and nutritious and more sustainable in comparison with other animal products,  thus that we should eat more of them. The challenge is to develop them in an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable manner. If we overcome this challenge, we and future generations can enjoy sustainable and healthy seafood.

In the Region Västra Götaland there are fantastic value chains from the sea and lakes to our tables, however, the natural resources found in the sea along the west coast and in our lakes could be utilized to a greater extent and in a smarter way than today. The experience and know-how in the sector is gathered in both large and small food companies as well as in internationally competitive research conducted in the region. Feel welcome to share your knowledge and experience and take part of ours in the focus group Seafood!

Together we develop valuechains for seafood based on both aquaculture and fisheries, focusing on sustainability and health.

Our focus areas are:

- Development of aquaculture
- Creating value chains in fisheries
- More health and sustainable development


Host organization

Friederike Ziegler, Researcher Sustainable sea food, RISE,
Tel 010-516 66 54

Bengt Gunnarsson, Camparus AB
Tel 0705-36 55 01

Ann-Sofie Sandberg, Professor of Food Science at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology at Chalmers
Tel 031 772 38 26

Ingrid Undeland, Professor of Food Science at the Department of Biology and Biotechnology at Chalmers, 031 772 38 20

Sofia Kocher, CEO Musselfeed AB

Contact coordinator Maritime Cluster in West Sweden
Susanne Lindegarth, University of Gothenburg
Tel. 076-622 96 78

Susanne Lindegarth

Researcher University of Gothenburg susanne.lindegarth 0766229678
Updated: 2018-03-22 13:39