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Maritime Operations


West Sweden has a strong maritime tradition and a maritime identity, with many globally competitive companies, including some world leaders in their segments, as well as strong research and educational environments. Gothenburg is today Scandinavia's largest transport and logistics node with the port of Gothenburg as the center. The region has a maritime cluster of subcontractors, with the opportunity to develop new concepts for ships, logistics and technology solutions.

The working group Maritime operations is focusing on traditional shipping and include everything from design and construction of ships to technology installed onboard and delivered by subcontractors. The concept of maritime operations also includes development in new areas, such as qualified missions for offshore shipping, short sea shipping and inland waterway shipping. Efforts in this area shall stimulate the development of technology and solutions concerning environmental issues and safety.

Contact Information

Host Organization
SSPA Sweden AB
Visiting address: Chalmers Tvärgata 10,
Postal Address: P O Box 24001, SE-400 22 Göteborg
Tel: +46 31 772 9000

Maria Bännstrand
Maritime Operations
Tel +46 (0) 7309070

Jens Larsson, Port of Gothenburg

Carl Sjöberger, Maritime and Marine Technology, Chalmers University of Technology

Fredrik von Elern, Swedish Maritime Technology Forum (SMTF)

Erik Lewenhaupt, Stena Line Group

Contact at the Maritime cluster in West Sweden
Martin Eriksson, Chalmers

Carl Sjöberger

Sjöfart och marin teknik Chalmers carl.sjoberger 0317722684

Fredrik von Elern

Swedish Maritime Technology Forum (SMTF) fredrik.vonelern 0105166262

Jim Sandkvist

Lindholmen Science Park jim.sandkvist 0705441214

Ola Stensby

Lindholmen Science Park ola.stensby 0317647027
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