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Marine Biotechnology

In the field of industrial biotechnology, bioprocesses are developed in which microorganisms and enzymes are used to produce chemicals, materials or bioenergy. The starting point for the focus group Marine biotechnology is to gather strong research environments within the area. We are mapping important infrastructures to carry out joint research efforts and identify development areas with potential to create innovations. This can emerge into patentable inventions, new services and new methods with unique and leading skills in the field. It can also attract collaborations and assignments nationally as well as internationally.

Key players in the focus area are the strong research communities at Gothenburg University, Chalmers and RISE, but also companies in Life Science, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, which today may not have a marine orientation but who could manage such innovations. The long-term goal for the focus group marine biotechnology is to create a test bed for value-enhancing biomarine resources with 10-20 knowledge-based jobs in the region.

The Center for Sea and Society at University of Gothenburg is responsible for managing and developing the meeting place for marine biotechnology.


  • Gather research environments in order to form a joint venture in developing marine biotechnology in the region
  • Develop and support an education module in marine biotechnology at masters level jointly at the      University of Gothenburg and Chalmers and closely related to the business sector
  • Develop a platform for innovation in marine biotechnology

Since marine biotechnology is a relatively new innovationarea in the region, there are very few businesses focusing on marine biotechnology. By creating a platform for meetings and interactions between research environments and industry in neighboring areas, there are opportunities to push development towards a sustainable marine biotechnology business sector in the Region Västra Götaland.

The strong regional industry of chemical engineering has expressed an interest in conversion towards a "green" production. Chemical engineering has the potential to play an important role in the development of marine biotechnology. There are also clear links with the cluster focus group Seafood with which there are regular contacts and possibly joint ventures with in the future. The activities also have a clear link to the commitment and concept of "Blue Growth" as the EU formulates in the research program "Horizon 2020".

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Host Organization
Center for Sea and Society, University of Gothenburg
Visiting address: Seminariegatan 1F
Postal Address: Box 260, 405 30 Göteborg


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