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Maritima klustret i Västsverige

 The marine environment and the maritime sector is one of West Sweden's five most important areas of strength. The initiative of a West Swedish maritime cluster has sprung from the Region Västra Götaland's maritime strategy adopted in 2008. The strategy gave an overview of the maritime industry, as well as analyzed and proposed how strategic research and innovation can contribute to continued maritime development and growth in the region.

An investigation of how the maritime industries in Västra Götaland could be strengthened and visible was made in 2012. This investigation resulted in a report - “Maritime clusters in Västra Götaland 2012" - as well as the formation of the cluster organization. The maritime cluster in West Sweden is the first, and only, wide-ranging maritime cluster in Sweden.

Download and read the report Maritime clusters in Västra Götaland

Updated: 2018-03-22 11:43