3 maj - Guiding the way to sustainable shipping - GreenPilot’s End Seminar

Datum: 3 maj, kl 09.00 - 17.00 Plats: Pascal, Lindholmen Conference Center Anordnare: Lighthouse and SMTF.

What are the results and experiences from the GreenPilot project and how can the result benefit other shipping? Welcome to a seminar that concludes the GreenPilot project, 3 May 2018, in Gothenburg.
The GreenPilot Project has converted pilotboat 729 to methanol operation and successfully demonstrated biomethanol as a fuel for the smaller vessel segment. By paving the way technically and regulatory GreenPilot has opened up for a new market in clean coastal shipping and further profiled Sweden as a cutting edge player in green propulsion.
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